Kingdom Hearts III’s Attraction Flow Can Be Removed in Critical Mode

Kingdom Hearts III’s Attraction Flow Can Be Removed in Critical Mode

The critiqued gameplay mechanic no longer has to pop up on your screen in Critical Mode of Kingdom Hearts III.

Earlier this week, Kingdom Hearts III released a new update including the series iconic Critical Mode. In this mode, Sora and friends deal less damage while taking more. Additionally, Sora’s HP and MP are half of what is normal and new abilities become available as you progress through the game. One of these abilities you start out with at the beginning of the game in Critical Mode removes Attraction Flow from the game.

Attraction Flow is a gameplay mechanic in Kingdom Hearts III where Sora will summon an “attraction” which is based on a popular ride from Disneyland, such as the Pirate Ship or the Mad Tea Cups. This mechanic was strongly disliked by some Kingdom Hearts players because of how often the game prompted you to use it. Now in Critical Mode, you can remove it completely.

Popular Kingdom Hearts Youtuber TheGamersJoint posted a video of him playing the beginning of Critical Mode. At about 5 minutes and 52 seconds in, he scrolls through the abilities to see what was changed from the other modes. That is where he found the ability, “Critical Converter.”

Critical Converter states, “Green attraction indicators no longer appear, but filling the gauge always produces a form change command. Indicators may still appear for certain battles.” So while there will not be any attraction prompts in basic combat, there will be certain boss fights that are scripted to have an attraction appear, and those will still happen. However, you still have the free option whether or not to use it in that fight.


This is only one of the quality of life changes that have come with this Critical Mode update. Series Director Tetsuya Nomura also just recently gave new details on an upcoming piece of DLC. With this, we might receive even more positive changes to the game.

If you’re interested, you can read our spoiler-free review of Kingdom Hearts III here. Currently, the game is out for PS4 and Xbox One.