Kingdom Hearts 3 Is Now the Best-Selling Game in Franchise History Says NPD

Kingdom Hearts 3 has become the top-selling game in the franchise's 17-year history.

By David Gill

July 19, 2019

After its release in January, Kingdom Hearts 3 has now officially become the highest-selling game in the franchise’s history. This comes from the latest NPD report for the month of June which tracks video game sales in the United States.

Previously, it was the fastest-selling title in the series but it now has become the best-selling in the franchise’s 17-year history. Kingdom Hearts 3 was the first mainline entry in the series since Kingdom Hearts 2 released in 2006. Between that time, publisher Square Enix released entries in the series such as 358/2 Days, Birth By Sleep, and Dream Drop Distance.

As a longtime Kingdom Hearts fan, Kingdom Hearts 3 is up there as one of my favorites in the franchise. While Kingdom Hearts 2 will always be my favorite, the latest entry in the series offered new gameplay features and surprising moments in the story that make it my current game of the year for 2019. With Kingdom Hearts 3 being the best-selling game in the franchise, it’ll be interesting to see when the next installment in the franchise comes out and where the story goes now.

Recently, it was announced that the Kingdom Hearts VR Experience will be getting an update that includes a new world and PlayStation Move support. The VR Experience is available now for free on the PlayStation Store. Additionally, Kingdom Hearts 3 will receive new DLC that features brand new story content and boss battles. A harder difficulty and new game plus mode were also added to the game in a recent update.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you’re interested in starting the series, the Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far collection is also available now on PlayStation 4.

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