Kingdom Hearts 3 Doubles Resident Evil 2 Sales in Japan

While Japan has had Kingdom Hearts 3 for a few more days than the rest of the world, it's managed to sell twice as many physical units.

The world has been moved by Kingdom Hearts 3, and while many gamers are just now getting to experience the game in the West, Japan has had the game since January 25. Since then, Kingdom Hearts 3 has managed to sell more than twice as many copies as Resident Evil 2 on the Japanese market.

These numbers come courtesy of Media Create.

Resident Evil 2, which also shipped on January 25, sold 252,848 units so far. Kingdom Hearts 3 has tallied an impressive 610,077 units, according to Media Create.

Sales numbers (so far) only account for physical versions of the game. This includes special edition copies.

These numbers are also only representative of the week from January 25 to January 27. This means that Kingdom Hearts 3 was able to achieve these sales figures after only being out for three days.

Fans have been waiting for more than a decade for the third numbered installment in the series, which is sure to drive the game’s sales. Fans here in the West have been going crazy with pent-up excitement. Thankfully we have music as a creative outlet, like this fan who covered Dearly Beloved ahead of the game’s release.

The series’ Co-Creator Shinji Hashimoto also had a heartfelt message to fans in the lead up to launch. He mentioned how honored he was to still be a part of the project dating back to when Kingdom Hearts was just an elevator pitch.

The game has an 88 on Metacritic so far as an average of 36 reviews. DualShockers contributed to that list, giving the game a 9/10 as “remarkable.” You can read our spoiler-free review here.

Resident Evil 2, to be fair, has had an incredible reception considering the game is technically a remake of a game from 1998. It was announced that the game will be getting free DLC in February. You can read our review of that game right here.

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