Kingdom Hearts III’s File Size on Xbox One Will be Near 35GB

Kingdom Hearts III’s File Size on Xbox One Will be Near 35GB

A little over a month before release, the file size for Kingdom Hearts III, at least on Xbox One, has now been revealed.

Kingdom Hearts III is finally due out next month (what a strange sentence) which means final details about the highly-anticipated third installment are finally coming to light.

One of most recent pieces of information that we may have finally gleaned about the game is in regards to its file size, at least on the Xbox One platform. Over on the official Japanese version of Microsoft’s website, the listing for Kingdom Hearts III recently went live and with it, the details of its likely file size were divulged. According to the listing, Kingdom Hearts III will take up 35.76GB of space on your hard drive.

While we still don’t know of the game’s size on PS4, the other platform in which Kingdom Hearts III will be available, it’s likely very close to this same size on Xbox One. Console file sizes usually aren’t too drastically different from one another so even if on PS4 the amount of space the game will take up isn’t identical, you can likely bank on it being close.

Now that we know the official file size of Kingdom Hearts III, you have a little more than a month to make room for it on your own platform of choice. Kingdom Hearts III is scheduled to launch next month on January 29, for PS4 and Xbox One. If you still haven’t pre-ordered it but would like to do so, you can reserve your own copy on Amazon right now.

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