Kingdom Hearts III’s Final Battle Trailer Is Here, One Day Earlier Than Scheduled

Kingdom Hearts III’s Final Battle Trailer Is Here, One Day Earlier Than Scheduled

Get hyped with the 4 minutes long Final Battle Trailer for Kingdom Hearts III, released one day earlier than the planned schedule.

Surprising everyone, the Kingdom Hearts III “Final Battle Trailer” which was supposed to launch on December 18 according to the previously published schedule, has been launched one day early. Tetsuya Nomura announced the change of schedule via the official Twitter only one hour before the trailer went up.

I think most people wary of what you could call “official spoilers” have stopped watching trailers as of now, but keep in mind this one shows many new scenes, so you might want to skip it if you’d like to go in the game completely in the dark. Though personally, seeing how twisted Kingdom Hearts storylines can be, I honestly don’t think anything Square Enix revealed, including all the new crazy stuff in this trailer, will turn out to be anything that major in the game itself.

Funilly enough, this “Final Battle Trailer” isn’t the final trailer,  as another new trailer will be shown in theaters starting December 21. While I’m not one of those who believes the Kingdom Hearts story is complicated, though it is true it is told in an overly complicated way most of the time, it’s quite funny to see even trailer names are kind of misleading now.

I’ve included below both the English version and the Japanese voice-overs version as well, for those like me into that.

Lastly, some copies of Kingdom Hearts III were recently stolen, so you should be careful around social media and the like. Thankfully, the perpetrator has been caught according to Axel’s voice actor Quinton Flynn. I’m sure the culprit won’t ever forget the charges Disney and Square Enix will be pulling over him. Nomura-san also commented on the incident.

Kingdom Hearts III launches on January 25 in Japan and January 29 worldwide, for Xbox One and PS4. You can also check the previous trailer and the latest screenshots.