Kingdom Hearts 3 Japanese Version's Next Update Will Replace Olaf's Voice

Following Pierre Taki's arrest, Square Enix decided to remove his voice as Frozen's Olaf in the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts 3.

As expected, Square Enix announced today that Pierre Taki’s voice will be removed from Kingdom Hearts 3. The prolific Japanese actor was arrested on March 13 for use of cocaine and has admitted the charges. In Disney’s Frozen, Pierre Taki is the Japanese voice of Olaf.

Square Enix stated that the voice switch will happen in a future update of the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts 3. More information on the update’s content and when will it launch will be disclosed at a later date.

Disney also already announced that Olaf won’t be voiced by Pierre Taki anymore in any Japanese Frozen related products, including Frozen 2, announced a few weeks ago, scheduled to release on November 22 in Japan and most of the world.

Personally speaking, I’m actually surprised Square Enix didn’t announce the change faster, as in cases like these, the complete removal of the concerned personality is swift and brutal. Sega announced a few hours after Pierre Taki’s arrest that they would immediately stop the shipping and digital sales of Judgment, the last game of Yakuza Studio, which features Pierre Taki as yakuza leader Kyohei Hamura. Sega hasn’t communicated yet as to when sales will resume in Japan, or how will it affect the western release of Judgment.

Yakuza Studio’s Producer Daisuke Sato and CyberConnect 2’s President Hiroshi Matsuyama have commented on the case as well. Sato vowed “to not let things end this way”. Matsuyama criticized the behavior of companies who remove actors from products in cases like these, as it’s not like Pierre Taki’s use of cocaine has harmed the customers themselves, only the sponsors, which is why they’re removing him.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is available now on Xbox One and PS4. The game is supposed to have a big DLC coming before the end of 2019, which will be a” Final Mix” of sorts and include tons of new content, story content included. One month after Kingdom Hearts 3‘s release, Nomura also thanked the fans around the world for supporting the series. You can also check out our spoiler-filled analysis of Kingdom Hearts 3‘s story.

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