Kingdom Hearts III Latest Japanese Commercials are Out; Information on Kingdom Hearts VR Experience

Kingdom Hearts III Latest Japanese Commercials are Out; Information on Kingdom Hearts VR Experience

Three new Japanese commercials for Kingdom Hearts III have launched. Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience launches on January 18, with an update coming later.

Square Enix published today three new Japanese commercials for Kingdom Hearts III. All three commercials are around 20 seconds long and focus on a different aspect of the game. The first commercial shows some of the Disney worlds and Sora’s friends. The second one focuses on battles and the many (too many?) flashy transformations and gimmicks in Kingdom Hearts III. The last one shows some story cutscenes excerpts already seen in past trailers.

As always, keep in mind you shouldn’t watch these if you’re planning to go in the game completely blind, as they reveal Disney worlds, some story elements, and boss battles. I know many would disagree, but seeing how convoluted-for-no-reason Kingdom Hearts plot can be, I highly doubt anything Square Enix revealed before the game’s release will actually turn out to be that pivotal in the game itself. I wouldn’t even be surprised if that one boss battle actually happens in the game’s prologue.

Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience, which was announced in September, got a release date now. It will launch for PlayStation VR on January 18. It’s a one player experience, and you’ll need the PlayStation VR, PlayStation Move and PlayStation Camera to enjoy it. As previously detailed, it’s a short experience, around ten minutes long, which lets you look back on the history of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, accompanied by some music. It will also receive an update adding new content in “Spring 2019”.

Kingdom Hearts III launches on January 25 in Japan and January 29 worldwide, for Xbox One and PS4. You can also check the”Final Battle Trailer”, the opening cinematic trailer and the latest screenshots. Following an incident where copies of the game were stolen, Tetsuya Nomura also revealed that Kingdom Hearts III‘s epilogue and the traditional Secret Movie aren’t in the game’s disc right now, and will be added via an internet patch, to avoid such leaks and spoilers.