Kingdom Hearts III’s PS4 Install Size Revealed via Box Art Images

Kingdom Hearts III’s PS4 Install Size Revealed via Box Art Images

Kingdom Hearts III will take up a little bit more space on your PS4 than it does on an Xbox One.

After a discussion on Twitter between two users, images of the Kingdom Hearts III PS4 case were revealed and while it’s all in Japanese, we get to see the install size for the physical PS4 edition.

Earlier this month we learned that the Xbox One digital version of the game will require 35.76GB of space on the hard drive. The Tweet you can find embedded below shows us the physical PS4 case and on the back, it states you’ll need 40GB of HHD space. just under 5GB more than the Xbox One’s digital edition.

This certainly gives you some indication of how much of your games library you’re going to have to clear out in order to get Kingdom Hearts III installed when it launches in January. While it’s due to launch next month, someone got hold of some copies of the game and started leaking parts hoping to spoil it for the fans.

However, Square Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura publicly stated that the ending of Kingdom Hearts III will be released through a patch at a later date, more than likely a day one patch. Logan shared his thoughts on this by explaining why locking the ending behind a patch was the best move Square Enix could have made.

Kingdom Hearts III is coming to Xbox One and PS4 and will be launching in 2019 on January 29 for Europe and North America. It’ll launch on January 25 in Japan.