Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind DLC New Details Hint at Its Playable Characters, New Screenshots

Square Enix updated the Japanese official site for Kingdom Hearts 3 with new details regarding the story and playable characters of the Remind DLC.

December 26, 2019

Square Enix updated the Japanese official site for Kingdom Hearts 3, revealing new details and screenshots on the upcoming Remind DLC. It includes a short story pitch for the Remind DLC, a list of some of the playable characters, explanations on some of the DLC content, and new screenshots. We translated everything below. Needless to say, this article contains spoilers.

Square Enix mentioned Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind depicts a new exciting story, unknown to Sora, where players will reunite with old friends and experience new elements. The “additional scenarios Remind” content of the DLC take place during the climax of the game. Sora is back to the point just before the decisive battle at the Keyblade Graveyard, and travels inside the hearts of each of the Seven Guardians of Light, experiencing their own battles.

Next, Square Enix mentioned how players in the DLC will be able to change playable characters between Riku, Aqua, Roxas, Kairi, and more. Special cooperative skills between the characters will also be available in certain battles. Square Enix didn’t precise who the “and more” characters are, but seeing Sora is going to “travel inside the hearts of each of the Seven Guardians of Light”, it’s all but confirmed Mickey and fan-favorite Lea will be playable too. “And more” could mean anything, and maybe characters other than the Seven Guardians of Light or characters we haven’t seen in the trailers so far will be playable too.

Lastly, Square Enix detailed the “Limit Cut Episode and Boss” content. These are high difficulty battles against each member of the Real Organization XIII. Guarding and attacking with the right timings will be crucial to reach victory.

Square Enix also published 3D character models for Sora and the Final Fantasy characters in the Remind DLC.

Certain other features of the Remind DLC like the Slideshow feature and the Premium Menu aren’t detailed yet on the official site but we’ve explained them in a previous article.

If you’d like to read more on Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind, we previously translated multiple interviews and comments from Tetsuya Nomura.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind DLC is priced at $29,99 and will launch on January 23, 2020, on PS4 and on February 25 on Xbox One. A $39,99 version with a video of the World of Tres Orchestra concert will also be available. A free update, version 1.07, will launch alongside the DLC and will add a main story update, new abilities, the keyblades Oathkeeper and Oblivion and a new Form change, and an expansion of the sharing features. You can catch the final trailer for the DLC and my Unneeded Opinion on its pricing in another article.

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