Kingdom Hearts III’s Latest Screenshots Reveal Sora Can Take Selfies

Kingdom Hearts III’s Latest Screenshots Reveal Sora Can Take Selfies

Kids these days with their Gummiphones.

Kingdom Hearts III is out in less than two weeks (gosh that’s so weird) and ahead of launch, Square Enix decided to give us one last slate of screenshots from the game.

In total, Square let loose twenty new images from Kingdom Hearts III this morning, most of which show Sora and the gang. We also get a few new images of Remy, the rat character from Pixar’s Ratatouille, who is hanging out with Sora. A few other pics also show off some of the mini-games that you’ll be able to play around with in Kingdom Hearts III.

Perhaps most notable in this slate of images though is that Sora can now take selfies in-game. Yes, through the use of his new Gummiphone device, Sora can turn the camera around on himself and his friends that he’s with to snap some pics. The images that were unveiled today show him performing this action in the Toy Box world as well as in Monstropolis. With the rise in photo modes of all kinds in video games over the past few years, it’s no shock that this feature would also somehow then be integrated into Kingdom Hearts III.

Lastly, Square also unveiled the official art logos for each of the (announced) Disney-themed worlds in the game. Eight logos in total were included and they each have great designs that are reflective of the movie worlds that they’re based on.

You can check out every new image of Kingdom Hearts III that Square Enix released today in the gallery below. Kingdom Hearts III is due out on January 29 for PS4 and Xbox One.