Kingdom Hearts 3: You’d Have to be Heartless Not to Love this Stop-Motion Trailer

Kingdom Hearts 3: You’d Have to be Heartless Not to Love this Stop-Motion Trailer

Someone at Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts 3's promotional team might be really into Shaun the Sheep.

Square Enix published something pretty unexpected today, a 2-minutes long video of Kingdom Hearts 3 in stop-motion. The video has Sora, Donald and Goofy fighting a bunch of Heartless and Nobodies in the Toy Story world.

For some reason, the whole scuffle starts are Sora tries to pick up a Kingdom Hearts III disc to play the game. There are multiple interpretations which could be made here. Maybe the Heartless are the horde of Kingdom Hearts games between 2 and 3, trying to make Sora play them first. And the Nobody must be series director Tetsuya Nomura, as he fell into darkness following a lack of sleep by working on Kingdom Hearts 3‘s DLC. That or him not wanting Sora to play his own game and realize his current master’s writing isn’t perfect, especially when it comes to pacing, always making players go through Disney storylines with no real weight for 80% of the time before getting into the main course.

In any case, stop-motion is an extremely time-consuming animation method, and I wouldn’t be surprised if dozens of hours of work were required to make this 2 minutes video. Regardless of what you thought of Kingdom Hearts III and what you think of the series as a whole, you’ve gotta hand it to Square Enix’s promotional team.

Maybe by the time Kingdom Hearts π or something releases, Disney will have bought over Aardman Animations, and the game will be the ultimate crossover between Final Fantasy,  Star Wars, and Wallace and Gromit.

Kingdom Hearts III is available now on PS4 and Xbox One. You can check our review here. The series also recently got a short “VR Experience” which you can try out for free. Tetsuya Nomura and Kingdom Hearts 3‘s team are currently working on a “big” paid DLC, which should release before the end of the year.  Nomura is also pretty happy about how the game performed and thanked the fans. He also shared some hints on Kingdom Hearts 3‘s mysteries and what kind of story content will be included in the paid DLC. You can read all about that here.