Kingdom Hearts 3D Alters the Action with Reality Shifts

on January 31, 2012 9:00 AM

Kingdom Hearts 3D just keeps piling on the Nintendo 3DS-tailored features. Square Enix has previously confirmed that the game will make copious use of the touch screen, most notably in the care and training of Dream Eaters. The touch screen will also be required to utilize the game’s Reality Shift system, a feature which changes the battle conditions of the current in-game area.

Players can activate the reality shift by pressing X+A when a pink Reality Shift marker appears on the touch screen during battle. Tapping it with the stylus will change the way in which Sora or Riku attacks, allowing players to interact with enemies in a completely different manner.

Each area has a unique Shift; for example, the Country of the Musketeers will change into a comic book, turning fights into visual novels with attack selection. Travere Town’s Reality Shift, “Slingshot,” allows Sora to move quickly from enemy to enemy like, well, a slingshot.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is set to release in Japan on March 29. There is no word yet on an official date for a western release.

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