Kingdom Hearts 3D to Hit Early 2012

By Yaris Gutierrez

August 9, 2011

While we’re all kicking and screaming for Kingdom Hearts 3 to show some signs of life, since it was announced last year, we can quench our thirst for Disney characters by immersing ourselves, once gain, in the world(s) of the previous Kingdom Hearts games.

Square Enix, according to series director Tetsuya Nomura, has announced plans to finish Kingdom Hearts 3D in early 2012. Along with the release of our Disney heroes in the 3D world of gaming, additional plans are being tossed around for at least one Kingdom Hearts game to make it to the generation of HD, in time for the franchises’ 10th anniversary in 2012. 

Kingdom Hearts 3D will be the seventh (that’s right, seventh) installment of the series; Nomura hopes, with these visual updates, to lure new players to the story — admitting that it’s proving more difficult. But, knowing how the newer generation will play pretty much anything that looks nice, I don’t think the game will have a problem.

While the development of Kingdom Hearts 3D nears completion, very little has been said regarding the overall production of the series’ true next generation installment, Kingdome Hearts 3. The only minor details known is that if Square Enix doesn’t release it sometime soon, fans will retaliate by going to their headquarters and making paraplegics of the Kingdom Hearts team. And if they cherish their very own sanity, they will make sure that it isn’t an exclusive Wii title.

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