Kingdom Hearts 3’s Tetsuya Nomura Thanks Fans on One Month Anniversary of Launch

Kingdom Hearts 3’s Tetsuya Nomura Thanks Fans on One Month Anniversary of Launch

Some of the developers behind Kingdom Hearts 3 have thanked fans today to celebrate the one month anniversary since launching.

It has now been a month (or over a month if you’re in Japan) since Kingdom Hearts 3 finally hit store shelves. To celebrate this single month on the market, developers at Square Enix including that of Tetsuya Nomura today released a new video to thank fans for their support since launch.

Released via the official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account, Nomura-san and other developers from the team gave a message of gratitude for the success that Kingdom Hearts 3 has seen over the past month. “Thank you to our fans around the world!!” Nomura-san said in a written message included in the video. His signature, as well as the signature of Tai Yasue, Shinji Hashimoto, and Rie Nishi were also included in the video message.

This kind note from the development team of Square coincides today with the release of Kingdom Hearts VR Experience which is available for those with PS VR units on PS4 right now. Additionally, Nomura-san himself also recently confirmed that DLC, both paid and non-paid, would be arriving for Kingdom Hearts 3 down the line. The addition of a Critical Mode for the game, which has been highly requested from fans, was also promised to be added.

You can find the tweet below and the accompanying video if you’d like to see the message from the developers. Kingdom Hearts 3 is out now on PS4 and Xbox One. If you haven’t read our review of the game yet, you can do so here.