Kingdom Hearts: All-In-One Package Includes Every Game in the Series

Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 Remix, Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, and Kingdom Hearts III are all included in Kingdom Hearts: All-In-One Package.

We are now in a post-Kingdom Hearts III: Remind world, so this trilogy and the plethora of other games that released beside it finally seem complete. While die-hard fans have likely already bought the originals, Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 Remix, Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue and those interested but unaccustomed to the series like myself have been waiting for the chance to nab everything at once. Fortunately, Square Enix is finally giving us the chance to do so on March 17 with the Kingdom Hearts All-In-One Package. 

As the title of the game suggests, this bundle includes all of the aforementioned games, which technically serve as bundles of their own, and will only be available for PS4, at least initially. Unfortunately, Square Enix has confirmed that Kingdom Hearts All-In-One Package does not include the Remind DLC, which costs $30 on its own and may not be worth it if you are not already an avid fan of Kingdom Hearts. Still, as the physical release only costs $49.99, this seems like the best opportunity yet to jump into the series and have hundreds of hours of RPGs and a complex story to play through. Alternatively, you could watch this video:

Kingdom Hearts: All-In-One Package’s box art also features a new illustration from series mastermind Tetsuya Nomura that nicely incorporates the box art of several previous Kingdom Hearts games. With so many games to play through, it may be difficult to discern what each title means. Thankfully, DualShockers previously created a handy guide that will walk you through the ridiculous names of every Kingdom Hearts game. 

Kingdom Hearts: All-In-One Package is releasing for PS4 on March 17 ahead of a busy Spring season with games like Doom Eternal and Final Fantasy VII Remake. While this package won’t be available for Xbox One, it is worth noting that the complete series will come to Microsoft’s platform sometime this year.

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