Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Release Date Announced

By Joel Taveras

May 17, 2010

The title to this post alone is creating a very subtle but definitely discernible movement or sensation in my “special” region. And why wouldn’t it? It’s only news about the release date of a sequel to one of the most loved and renowned series’ of all time. RPG fans rejoice as you will once again have a great reason to dust off that PSP of yours. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep will be landing on store shelves on September 7th 2010. Oh but wait there’s more.

So maybe for whatever reason you haven’t picked up a PSP in the past 4 years its been out. No worries as Sony and Square Enix have got you covered. You know where I’m going with this, right? That’s right, a Limited Edition PSP 3000 entertainment-bundle-motherf***in’-pack is exactly where I’m going with this. The Lamestop Gamestop exclusive bundle will feature a  “Mystic Silver” PSP 3000, a copy of Kingdom Hearts: BBS, a 4GB memory stick pro duo, as well as a TBA UMD Movie. These bundles usually range upwards of 179.99 but hey E3 is just around the corner, so one can only hope that there may just be a price drop in our future.

Either way if your a fan of the series, or even just a fan of RPGs in general, please mark you calendars RIGHT NOW. That is all.

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