Kingdom Hearts III Critical Mode Is Now Available

Kingdom Hearts III Critical Mode Is Now Available

Kingdom Hearts fans who prefer a challenge can jump into the game's new Critical Mode right now.

Square Enix has finally released the long-awaited Critical Mode in Kingdom Hearts III via a free update.Some fans criticized Kingdom Hearts III back when it launched due to the rather easier nature of the game when compared to past entires. One YouTube account by the name of André Silva uploaded a funny video showing just how easy the game is on the previously hardest difficulty.

While it’ll be a bit of time before players have run through the entire game again to make their final verdict on this new difficulty, hopefully, it’ll deliver a more challenging experience. The game’s co-director Tai Yasue said the mode will not be for the faint of heart. Yasue-san also released this short video on the official Kingdon Hearts Twitter account.

Critical Mode will include new abilities exclusive to this difficulty. Obviously, players will have lowered HP and MP as well as tougher enemies to deal with. If it’s anything like the other games, players are surely in for a challenge. And they definitely deserve one after waiting so long for this game.

As of right now, Kingdom Hearts III is 2019’s best-selling game so far. Tetsuya Nomura has also said that there will be a huge DLC by the end of the year so players will have a new reason to visit the many worlds of Sora and friends again. The content in this upcoming DLC is still unannounced, but with E3 2019 right around the corner hopefully, we’ll learn more. Speaking of which, Square Enix just announced that they’ll be holding a press conference on Monday, June 10.

Kingdom Hearts III is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.