Kingdom Hearts III’s New Trailer Shows Off Every World Before Release

Kingdom Hearts III’s New Trailer Shows Off Every World Before Release

All aboard the Kingdom Hearts III hype train!

The promotional and hype train is not slowing down for Kingdom Hearts III. A brand new Japanese trailer has gone live, showcasing many of the game’s worlds in the game alongside with what appear to be story beats. The trailer itself is two minutes long, but has 30 seconds of fan stories tacked onto the front end, making the whole video two and a half minutes long.

The video opens up with fans sharing how they got into the Kingdom Hearts series and what it means to them. This portion is in English with Japanese subtitles. After 30-seconds of fans sharing their love for the franchise, the trailer itself kicks off.

For those that are weary of spoilers, you’ll probably want to skip this trailer. All eight of the new, confirmed worlds are shown off in surprising detail. Both combat and cutscenes are on display for almost each world (sorry Pooh Bear), with a particular focus on summons and special moves with Disney characters.

The trailer closes with what appear to be surprisingly poignant scenes, even when out of context of the larger story. For more help in avoiding spoilers, check out our guide to fighting off trolls and spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III. While these scenes may contain key moments, the game’s epilogue and secret ending won’t be included in the game at launch, but will instead be patched in at a later date.

This trailer isn’t the only way Square Enix and Disney are promoting ther fever dream sequel. Tokyo Disneyland announced yesterday exclusive Kingdom Hearts themed hotel rooms coming to the Disney Ambassador Hotel for a limited time. Disney Springs in Orlando, FL has a pop-up shop for Kingdom Hearts III as well.

Kingdom Hearts III will be out for PS4 and Xbox One on January 29, which is just 12 days away from this writing. It still doesn’t feel real.