Watch Kingdom Hearts III Singer Hikaru Utada in VR Starting Tomorrow

Watch Kingdom Hearts III Singer Hikaru Utada in VR Starting Tomorrow

Jam out to Simple and Clean in VR, just like you've always wanted to.

PSVR owners will get the chance to see Hikaru Utada perform two songs from the Kingdom Hearts series in virtual reality. A pre-recorded concert will be available for US PSN members for free starting tomorrow. Sony has posted a behind-the-scenes blog post on the PlayStation Blog detailing the entire process.

The two songs that Utada sings are “Simple and Clean” from Kingdom Hearts and “Don’t Think Twice” from Kingdom Hearts III. Rather than a full 360 degree immersion, the VR concert is presented in less than 180 degrees. The PlayStation Blog conducted an interview with the director Wataru Takeishi. This is what Takeishi had to say about the choice in presentation–

“You may think that VR video equals 360-degree video, but I do not think it is necessarily the case. It is less than 180° that you can see in this video, and if you look behind you, you only see black. But when people watch a concert, they don’t usually look behind themselves. We challenged ourselves to make realistic images in the viewable range rather than making a 360-degree video.”

You may read the full interview with Takeishi and Chief Producer Yoshimasa Takahashi over on the PlayStation Blog here.

The concert was actually shot three separate times with two unique camera setups. The front, right, and left were filmed with a 4K stereo/3D crane camera. Then three 6K, 180 degree cameras were used to shoot simultaneously from three different distances; close, medium, and far away. Then it was all stitched together into one VR video.

PlayStation published a behind-the-scenes video as well, which you may watch below. It cuts around rather quickly, but provides a look at the equipment and planning that went into capturing a VR concert.

This PSVR concert is not the only Kingdom Hearts VR entertainment on the way. The Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience is still in the pipeline for a release on January 23. Originally announced in September 2018, the Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience will provide a look back on the series just before Kingdom Hearts III releases on January 29 for PS4 and Xbox One.