Kingdom Hearts III Orchestra Trailer Analysis

Kingdom Hearts III's new E3 trailer has a lot of small things to get excited over for PS4 and Xbox One owners. DualShockers breaks it down...

on June 11, 2017 11:04 AM

Fans of Kingdom Hearts were weary that we may not hear anything about the upcoming final entry of the Dark Seeker Saga, Kingdom Hearts III. 

Square Enix actually delivered this year with a brand-spanking new Kingdom Hearts III trailer featuring a ton of new stuff including combat, worlds, and story.

To be honest with you guys, I’m not going to analyse the story segments we’ve been given here. I’m still attempting to trek through the titles in the series I missed in Kingdom Hearts I.5 and Kingdom Hearts II.5. 

This trailer is the first one we’ve gotten in a long time. The last one I can recall was back in 2015. Since then Kingdom Hearts 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue has been the only thing we’ve gotten anywhere close to what we might finally experience in Kingdom Hearts III. 

The new trailer opens up with a beautiful shot of Olympus, as Sora drops from high above the clouds. It’s hard to ignore how absolutely stunning the game looks and the combat along with it. It’s noticeable how much larger the worlds in Kingdom Hearts III look. Since the last main entry game was on the PS2 back in 2005, the differences in size are pretty much right upfront in your face.

Kingdom Hearts III Orchestra Trailer Analysis

The opening combat sequences in the trailer show something that reminded me a lot of Final Fantasy XV. Kingdom Hearts was an Action RPG before Final Fantasy but I couldn’t help but feel like Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III almost seemed symmetrical in a lot of ways. This isn’t super surprising to me personally, considering Tetsuya Nomura has had his hands deep in both titles’ development throughout the years.

There’s a short sequence in the trailer where Sora climbs on top of Goofy and they perform a special attack similar to the ones you could perform with your four party members in Final Fantasy XV. It’s also cool to see Hercules alongside the group in the new trailer, meaning we’ll probably see a lot of Disney heroes and heroines join up with Sora and friends for their final adventure. This has always been one of my personal favorite aspects of Kingdom Hearts. 

Kingdom Hearts III Orchestra Trailer Analysis

The trailer then transitions into a short dialog amongst a bunch of classic Disney villains including Pete, Maleficent, and Hades. Afterwards we get to see a bunch of flashy new spells at Sora’s disposal. Also what is seemingly a giant boss battle in the game.

Seeing the boss battle in particular made me feel like Nomura is going for an incredibly high cinematic gameplay experience like the ones similarly found in Final Fantasy games as well as past games in the Kingdom Hearts series. We see Sora wall running and dodging boulders as he makes his way towards a giant boss. While everything looked amazing in the trailer I worry that Kingdom Hearts III could go down the same path as Final Fantasy XV. 

What I mean by this is while Final Fantasy XV was a great game, a lot of the more cinematic boss battles felt poor due to bad camera angles and gameplay mechanics that didn’t work well alongside the size of the bosses or enemies. Kingdom Hearts has proved in the past that it can handle giant battles, but with Square Enix’s current track record, I still am a bit worried these sequences could feel awkward.

Kingdom Hearts III Orchestra Trailer Analysis

As for a few other things, the trailer’s music was incredibly well done; as expected considering this is a trailer to promote the series’ “Orchestra World Tour.” And I personally didn’t recall what the final segment of the trailer meant or its implications on the overall story, but I’m hoping once I complete my run-through of I.5 and II.5 I’ll remember.

The trailer ends with teasers for upcoming announcements at D23 Expo 2017 next month. Square’ll be showing off a new world as well as another brand new trailer. There’s still no mention of any release date in sight but it seems like we may finally be getting closer and closer to the day Kingdom Hearts III becomes available.

What did you guys think of the new trailer? Are you more optimistic about the game or are you still keeping your hype levels low?

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