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Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind DLC Secret Area Can Be Glitched and Explored

With a bit of glitching, you can freely explore the Kingdom Hearts III ReMind DLC's secret boss fight area; which may be a world in an eventual sequel.

January 26, 2020

First and foremost… MAJOR KINGDOM HEARTS III: REMIND SPOILERS BELOW. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK! Still here? Alright, good. Turns out that Kingdom Hearts III’s new Data Greeting mode, added to the game as part of its ReMind DLC, can be used for a bit more than creating photos. In fact, the hardcore Kingdom Hearts community has already found a way to break into the area and explore the locked environment.

After completing the expansion’s secret episode, where Sora clashes with a mysterious new character in Yozora, you can use Data Greeting to head back to the boss fight’s Shibuya backdrop. And, as YouTube channel The χ-Archives has shown, use object placement and manipulation to glitch out of bounds and explore the stage’s surrounding area:

The buildings and the streets below have a surprisingly high amount of detail for places you’re not supposed to be able to get to, which could be a hint that we’ll see this section of Tokyo as a complete level in a future game. But for right now, none of the area outside the game’s 104 Tower (109 in real life) has any collision detection, so you’ll need to use glide to keep Sora airborne or else he’ll just fall right through the map.

Kingdom Hearts III’s secret ending threw fans a nasty curveball when it showed its main characters Sora and Riku not only waking up in a real-world setting, but also being watched over by Yozora — a character introduced earlier in the story as a video game character in the Toy Story world.

Immediate interpretations and speculation over the cliffhanger have pointed a potential Kingdom Hearts IV toward being connected to The World Ends With You and, in some cases, reworked ideas from Final Fantasy Versus XIII (before it eventually morphed into Final Fantasy XV).

Wreckfest | Stadia Release Trailer

Worth noting, all of these titles (Kingdom Hearts included) are Tetsuya Nomura projects, and he has been very keen to crossover titles and series. And now, a year after III’s January 2019 launch, Nomura and company have added more fuel to the fire with ReMind’s added story content. In case you haven’t seen it (and want to spoil yourself), you can check out that secret ending below:

Speaking of Nomura, the series creator, who always seems to have a ton on his plate, talked a bit about Kingdom Hearts’ future in a Square-Enix-published Q&A leading up to ReMind’s release.

Kindgom Hearts III is available now on PS4 and Xbox One, with the brand new ReMind DLC launching earlier this week. If you haven’t picked it up yet, you can grab the game physically via Amazon to support the site. Meanwhile, a new Kingdom Hearts mobile experience, codenamed “Project Xehanort,” was also announced this week and is expected to launch sometime in the Spring.

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