Kingdom Hearts III Secret Ending and More have to be Downloaded Days After Release UPDATE

Kingdom Hearts III Secret Ending and More have to be Downloaded Days After Release UPDATE

A patch a day keeps the trolls away!

Square Enix has revealed the plans for the first three patches for Kingdom Hearts III. These three patches will be delivered each day from the game’s release and will include video content pertaining to the story. This includes the epilogue and the secret video for Kingdom Hearts III.

This patch rollout was a plan of series director and creator Tetsuya Nomura had since the discs were pressed for the game. After the game leaked, Nomura took to Twitter and made a statement that the epilogue and secret ending were not on the disc and would be added at a later time. Now, those dates have been revealed.

On January 29, the game’s release date, Update 1.01 will be released. It will include the usual data fixes games see on launch day. The Memory Archive will also be added to the main menu. Players can access this story summary section for the entire series at any time.

The following day, January 30, the epilogue video will be added to the game. To view this video, players will have to beat the game and see the regular ending to unlock it.

Finally, on January 31, the “Secret (video)” will be added to the game. Players will have to beat the game, see the ending, and fulfill certain criteria to unlock this video, just like past entries in the series. Typically in previous Kingdom Hearts games, the harder the difficulty the easier these criteria become for unlocking the secret video.

We here at DualShockers like the idea of these preventative measures, especially since the game leaked a month before its release. Although, it does make viewing these rather important videos impossible for day one players without an internet connection. The Kingdom Hearts Twitter account did emphasize that the main game will allow players to complete the game and view the regular ending without an internet connection.

Since the game leaked, we have also made a guide to avoiding spoilers as we creep closer to the game’s release date on January 29. Kingdom Hearts III will be out for PS4 and Xbox One in just 17 days, as of this writing.

UPDATE: According to the Japanese Square Enix support site, the patch including the epilogue will be released on January 26 for Japanese players. Since Japan is getting Kingdom Hearts III on January 25, this means that the epilogue will be out in the wild roughly five days before the game’s release in the US. The patch for the secret video will be released on January 31 for Japan as well.