Kingdom Hearts III’s Square Enix Studio in Osaka Working on Online Multiplayer Game for Consoles

Kingdom Hearts III’s Square Enix Studio in Osaka Working on Online Multiplayer Game for Consoles

Square Enix’s Osaka Studio  is currently hard at work on Kingdom Hearts III and is giving the finishing touches to Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix, but apparently they’re also working on something else, as revealed by a career opportunity ad seeking a Network Programmer.

The ad mentions that the candidate will have to work on an online multiplayer game, and requires experience in console development.

The Osaka studio is dedicated to work on the Kingdom Hearts series, the Dissidia series and spin-off games under the direction of Tetsuya Nomura, Daisuke Watanabe and Takayuki Odachi, which means that the game is probably going to be related to that.

The possibility of Kingdom Hearts III including some degree of multiplayer elements also exists, but I would chalk it as quite remote, especially since the ad explicitly mentions an “online multiplayer game.” The wording seems to indicate a dedicated online experience, and not a game with online features tacked on.

Could Square Enix be planning a Kingdom Hearts Online, after successfully turning into MMORPGs the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series with Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XIV and Dragon Quest X?

Of course we have no way to know the true nature of the game, but a man can dream.

In other Kingdom Hearts III related news, Square Enix is also hiring a Technical Artist for it. The candidate will have to work on shaders and special effects like water, rain, snow and magic. The ad mentions experience with physics engines and techs like Nvidia’s PhysX.

This probably means that Kingdom Hearts III will include a degree of physics simulation, probably in handling particles for the effects mentioned above.

Will we hear any news on the game at Tokyo Game Show? It’s not mentioned among Square Enix’s line-up, but that doesn’t account for possible surprises.