Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Logo Found Online

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory won't necessarily be a game project and could be anything so don't get your hopes up too fast.

Kingdom Hearts fans have discovered the logo for a new Kingdom Hearts project, titled Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory . The logo was found on the Kingdom Hearts Dark Road website, in its data, as the site itself isn’t accessible yet. Soon after, the logo was deleted, and fans are now speculating on what Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory could be.

The most important point to keep in mind is that there’s absolutely no guarantee Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory is a new game project. And it could be anything. The most likely guess could be the name of a new series of Kingdom Hearts concerts, seeing the “melodies” part. Or a new rhythm game on mobile.

Here are the biggest theories right now, if it does turns out to be a game. First off, Sora wouldn’t be the protagonist as most games so far like that had a longer K and S in their logos. Just like the Melody of Memory logo.

Another fan theory is how the possible game’s story would be related to the Master of Masters or the Mark of Mastery because of the initials.

The logo is also similar to the Chain of Memories logo, so some are also speculating that it could be related to Namine. The “Memory” part could hinting at that as well.

We’ll be sure to tell you more when Square Enix makes an official announcement regarding Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road is regularly, pretty much daily, revealing new screenshots on Twitter. We also saw four new characters who used to be friends with shota Xehanort and shota Eraqus: Urd, Vor, Bragi, and Hermod.

Square Enix was recruiting for future Kingdom Hearts games in late 2019. Tetsuya Nomura also spoke on the future of the series right before Dark Road was announced.

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Multiple seiyuu and artists shared homages to Axel’s seiyuu actor Keiji Fujiwara, who regrettably passed away in April 2020.

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