Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Makes for an Enchanting Fan-Made Switch Design

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Makes for an Enchanting Fan-Made Switch Design

Though it's not official, this fan-made Switch design by Caleb Moore for Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is worthy of being the real thing.

Featuring over 140 pieces of music from across the entire franchise, the upcoming Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is sure to be a title that appeals to fans both new and old of the series. The upcoming rhythm game is set to celebrate the series’ iconic music this fall on consoles, and this fan-made Switch console design feels like it would be worthy of launching alongside the game itself.

Artist Caleb Moore (Twitter) shared his own take on a fan-made Switch mock-up for Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, and the design itself feels like it could be the real thing. The design features a simple but stylish black-and-gold color scheme, gold-colored musical notes, and Sora, Donald, and Goofy embellished underneath the Nintendo Switch logo.

You can check out the design for yourself below:

Melody of Memory was officially announced earlier this year, and features a unique mix of the series’ combat and rhythm-based gameplay as players experience various worlds and pieces of music from across the franchise. Notably, Melody of Memory marks the first entry in the series that is coming to the Nintendo Switch, and will also arrive for PS4 and Xbox One.

Additionally, the game will also feature some brand new story elements with Kairi that take place after the end of Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind, giving longtime fans of the franchise an extra incentive to pick up the spin-off title. Of course, the series is no stranger to spin-offs featuring extensive amounts of lore that fans will want to look into, but Melody of Memory seems like it will be a worthwhile experience in its own right.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory will release for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on November 11, 2020 in Japan, followed by its worldwide release on November 13, 2020.