Check Out Some Memory Archive Videos For A Kingdom Hearts Refresher

Check Out Some Memory Archive Videos For A Kingdom Hearts Refresher

You can now get an official refresher on the storyline for Kingdom Hearts 3 by watching theses Memory Archive videos.

It is not really a secret that the Kingdom Hearts series is an absolute roller coaster in terms of its storyline. Granted, I don’t try to keep up with it as much as some other people I work with (cough…cough…Chrisbut it is a bit confusing, to say the least.

The Kingdom Hearts official Twitter account has tweeted out a link to some videos that can give everyone a quick refresher before they pop into the latest entry into the ginormous franchise, Kingdom Hearts 3.

I totally get digging into the lore of some of your favorite franchises. I have gone down the rabbit hole a few times of watching some videos going over the Metal Gear Solid and Legend of Zelda universes. It is always fun to explore those worlds even further when it something you are extremely passionate about.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is available now on Xbox One and PS4. If you have still not ordered the game and would like to pick it up, you can do so right here through Amazon. If for some reason you are a super fan of the series and have still somehow not picked up the Deluxe Edition, you can also order that through Amazon.

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