Kingdom Hearts Gets the Pop! Vinyl Treatment; Keychains Coming Too!

Kingdom Hearts Gets the Pop! Vinyl Treatment; Keychains Coming Too!

Who knew that Mickey, Goofy, and Donald would look pretty great as Pop! Vinyls? Well, apparently Funko had an inkling.

It’s been a busy week for Square Enix, releasing a litany of news about its most beloved franchises. Today, Kingdom Hearts fans got treated with the announcement that they’d get to take home some of their favorite characters long before Kingdom Hearts III is released.

Lately, Funko’s Pop! Vinyl line of figures has been making the leap to multiple video game franchises. Much the same way Funko recently announced a set of Mass Effect: Andromeda Pop! Vinyls, the Kingdom Hearts faithful will have a few different styles to choose from as they hunt down their favorite characters this April.


As seen in the gallery below, the figures going on sale include Chip and Dale, Pete, Pete (black and white), Donald, Kingdom Donald, Goofy, Kingdom Goofy, and Mickey.

As is often the case, some of the figures above are only available at specific retailers. Pete (black and white) will be exclusive to Walmart, Kingdom Donald will be exclusive to Hot Topic, and Kingdom Goofy will be exclusive to GameStop.

But that’s not all! In March, a line of Kingdom Hearts keychains go on sale. Below are Donald, Goofy, and Mickey in the Pocket Pop! Keychain collection.

Hopefully some of these trinkets will help fill the void in the hearts of many Keyblade Masters as they anticipate the release of Kingdom Hearts III. Recently, Square Enix also announced Kingdom Hearts‘ Aqua as an addition to its Play Arts Kai collection.