Kingdom Hearts: Project Xehanort Announced for Mobile

Square Enix has revealed Project Xehanort, a new Kingdom Hearts experience that is set to come to mobile devices this Spring.

To seemingly coincide with the release of the Kingdom Hearts III ReMind DLC, Square Enix has announced an entirely new KH experience that is set to arrive later this year.

Project Xehanort is currently the codenamed project of this new Kingdom Hearts installment and it’s set to come to mobile devices in Spring 2020. Square Enix hasn’t said much about what the game will involve just yet, however. Based on images and messages released so far, it seems that the title will center around a young version of Xehanort, as seen in Kingdom Hearts III, and his eventual rise to power. The official website for Project Xehanort also poses the question, “Why did he become the seeker of darkness?” seemingly implying that this will be an origin story of sorts.

The most intriguing part of the reveal of Project Xehanort is that Square Enix is currently running a contest where fans can try to guess what the real name of the game is. For now, the only hint that Square Enix has given is that the actual subtitle for Project Xehanort is comprised of two words with 8 letters in total. This contest is only open for the next five days and ends on January 28, so be sure to get your submissions in soon if you want to have a chance to win a gift card.

In typical Kingdom Hearts fashion, I’m willing to bet that the actual name of Project Xehanort is pretty outlandish. In a series that has contained strange titles such as Birth By Sleep358/2 Days, and Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, I’d wager that the title of this new entry is going to be fairly off the wall as well. If you make your own submission for the contest, maybe keep that in mind.

Square Enix will probably reveal a whole lot about Project Xehanort in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned. In the meantime, we currently know that the game will be landing on iOS, Android, and Amazon devices once it releases.

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