Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded Gets a Release Date

on October 6, 2010 11:15 PM

Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded Gets a Release Date
Until the Nintendo 3DS hits the market, the next installment in the Kingdom Hearts franchise will be gracing the North American DS market in January 2011. Once the 3DS is here next March, Re:Coded will a 3D counterpart for those who want to experience the game on a whole new level.

Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded will take place after the events on Kingdom Hearts II. the story will revolve around a second Sora that is found in Jiminy Cricket’s journal that he kept unknown to other for years. The game is in development by h.a.n.d.s, the group behind Kingdom Heats: 358/2 Days. Re: Coded will bring a new character to the growth system and will attempt to bring a variety of genres to the game. Some of these genres include side-scrolling, platformer to shooter. An avatar will also be available for customization, with more than 800 unlockable items.

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