Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Trailer

on July 21, 2010 9:59 AM
Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Trailer


Kingdom Hearts fans who want to experience a serious moment of nostalgia should probably take a look at the trailer for the upcoming Nintendo DS title Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded and, as I did, smile in approval as we, again, see the big-foot hero Sora and his wacky sidekicks Donald and Goofy prescribing a dosage of sodomy to their enemies. You’ve seen the size of that Keyblade – there’s no need to get any more graphical than that.

That latest Japanese trailer for Re:Coded features some gameplay segments, including a peak at the turn-based combat and platforming. Familiar faces will occupy the screen below, bringing you a memories of a time when it was cool to talk about, or even play with, Disney characters. Check the trailer after the jump.

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