Kingdom Hearts 3DS Hardware is Classy, Cute

on January 19, 2012 10:00 AM

Kingdom Hearts 3DS: Dream Drop Distance finally has a specified release date: the game will drop in Japan on March 29, one day after the series’ 10th anniversary. Fans can pick up a sweet Kingdom Hearts bundle including a specially-designed Nintendo 3DS in classy Heartless black and an AR card that unlocks a rare Dream Eater difficult to obtain in-game. There is no word on pricing for the bundle as of now.

In addition to the bundle, Kingdom Hearts will release a special “10th Anniversary Box” on the same date. The contents and pricing of this mystery box are still unknown.

It’s hard to believe that Kingdom Hearts, with its lengthy compendium and deeply complex game world, has been around for ten years. Ten years. I was thirteen years old when I first popped the first Kingdom Hearts into my PlayStation 2. And at the rate the series is spawning, I hope I live long enough to see its closure.

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