Kingdom Hearts Ultimania: The Story Before Kingdom Hearts III Launches Next Year

Kingdom Hearts Ultimania: The Story Before Kingdom Hearts III Launches Next Year

Kingdom Hearts Ultimania: The Story Before Kingdom Hearts III was announced recently and will be releasing June of next year.

Square Enix revealed through Twitter that fans will be getting an Ultimania compilation for their favorite long-running series, titled Kingdom Hearts Ultimania: The Story Before Kingdom Hearts III. As stated in the tweet below, it’s set to launch in English on June 15th, 2021 and will feature information on worlds, characters, equipment, and more:

According to the official description: “Originally published in Japanese, this English translation of the fan-favorite reference guide is sure to capture the imaginations of Disney fans and gamers everywhere, arriving June 2021. A gorgeous oversized hardcover collecting Kingdom Hearts art and trivia, leading up to the events of the most current entry in the beloved saga!

“Enter the magical worlds of Disney as featured in the hit Kingdom Hearts video game series! This meticulously crafted tome showcases each of Kingdom Hearts’ unique worlds, characters, and equipment, encompassing all the games predating Kingdom Hearts III. Explore character profiles from icons like King Mickey and Goofy to modern favorites like Tron or Captain Jack Sparrow. Study detailed summaries of story arcs, along with rare concept designs and storyboards! No stone is left unturned in this grand overview, which includes content from Kingdom Hearts Final Mix through Kingdom Hearts Unchained X.”

You can preorder the book now through Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and other local bookstores.

With the release of Melody of Memory worldwide on November 13th, Tetsuya Nomura shared a message about the power of music and memories for the fans of the series. The Kingdom Hearts 3 soundtrack also released earlier in November and the OST includes over 90 tracks which include Hikaru Utada’s theme songs as well as music from the base titles tracks, the Re Mind DLC, HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, Unchained X, and Union X [Cross].

Tetsuya Nomura, the series creator and the man who perpetually has a ton on his plate, talked a bit about the franchise’s future in a Square-Enix-published Q&A before ReMind’s release. Square Enix also revealed plenty of info about the DLC through an official Q&A on Twitter. And if you want, the secret area in said DLC can be glitched and explored, unearthing some interesting secrets.

Kindgom Hearts 3 is available now on PS4 and Xbox One, and the brand new ReMind DLC launched back in January. If you haven’t picked it up yet, you can grab the game physically via Amazon to support the site. Meanwhile you can read our reviews for the original game and the ReMind DLC.

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