Medieval Kingdom Management Game Kingdoms and Castles Now Available on PC, Mac, and Linux

Medieval Kingdom Management Game Kingdoms and Castles Now Available on PC, Mac, and Linux

Put down the pleb life and take up the crown.

Lion Shield’s medieval kingdom management game, Kingdoms and Castles, has launched on PC, Mac, and Linux priced at a bargain price-point of $9.99 USD.

For those that don’t know: Lion Shield is a studio comprised of developers Pete Angstadt and Michael Peddicor, who combined have worked on titles such as Journey, Abzu, and Spore. Kingdoms and Castles is notably the studio’s first game and was successfully funded via Fig.

Said to be inspired by titles such as Banished, SimCity, and the Stronghold series, Kingdoms and Castles is quite a simple premise: it’s a kingdom/city building and management game set in medieval times.

In the game players start out creating small villages, which can then be expanded into thriving cities, shadowed by imposing castles. As you progress through the game you will be faced with a variety of strategic choices, such as how you want to expand your castle, what your tax policy will be, what religious institutions will be implemented, and how will you tackle farming, industry, and defenses? All of these choices will either create a thriving kingdom or lead to your downfall.

In addition to creating a thriving kingdom, you must protect it from danger such as vikings, plagues, dragons, bitter winters, and other challenges. Further, as you you play the world will dynamically change and evolve around you — for example — seasons will change, forests will grow, clouds will move through the sky, and much more. All of this is done thanks to a variety of algorithms and procedural systems operating behind the scenes to simulate the environment.

Kingdoms and Castles is available on PC, Mac, and Linux, with no word on support for any other platforms.