Kingdoms of the Dump Lets You Play as an Anthropomorphic Trashcan Knight

Kingdoms of the Dump Lets You Play as an Anthropomorphic Trashcan Knight

Kingdoms of the Dump puts you in charge of a team of discarded trash and disgusting rodents in a new RPG that is launching on Kickstarter in July.

Kingdoms of the Dump is a turn-based RPG that is launching a Kickstarter campaign in July. The game looks like it was released back in the mid-90s and features a unique theme. Check out the first trailer for it below.

Players will begin the game as Dustin Binsley an esteemed trashcan knight in training. The Toxic Grimelin Army has taken the King and a war is brewing in the Lands of Fill. Early in your journey, you’re joined by your best friend Ratavia, a roguish rat. As you move through your journey, your party will expand with even more friends.

Each new character adds a specific over-world ability to your repertoire. The development team has placed an emphasis on exploration. This makes switching out characters and using their abilities key to traversal. And, in news that should make many fans happy, the game will feature exactly zero random battles  (a staple of many RPGS from that time). Instead, like in Earthbound, you’ll see every enemy coming, giving you a chance to prepare.

When you do bump up against the local garbage in combat, Kingdoms using classic turn-based combat. The team uses tactical character placement and timed hits, so the battles will be a little more involved than some of the games Kingdoms is hoping to emulate.

Of course, the intriguing parts about the game coming to Kickstarter is that backers can help shape the development. It’s easy to see the team adding things like extra characters and new areas as stretch goals if Kingdoms is successful. The team hasn’t announced any of their Kickstarter plans thus far but does say details are on the way.

Kingdoms of the Dump is coming to Kickstarter on July 15. The team plans to release it on PC and Mac.