Kirby Star Allies Receives Two Short Gameplay Trailers Showcasing Friend Abilities

Kirby Star Allies for Nintendo Switch has just received two new trailers that show off different Friend abilities.

on March 5, 2018 1:35 PM

The release of Kirby Star Allies on Nintendo Switch is just over 11 days away, so Nintendo is started to pump up this title more than ever. They recently put out a free demo of the game on the Nintendo Switch eShop, and have now released two new short trailers for the game.

These trailers go over the friend¬†abilities, which are one of Kirby Star Allies‘ big new features. Outside of now being able to mix abilities like in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, Kirby can now make any enemy an ally by throwing a Friend Heart at them. Once Kirby gains multiple friends, they work together to get through the rest of the stage, and can even use Friend Abilities to fight off enemies.

A few of these take center stage in the two trailers. Trailer 1¬†focuses on the Splash Cutter, a water sword, and the Friend Circle, where Kirby and his allies form a circle and become an unstoppable rolling force. Meanwhile, Trailer 2 showcases Ice Curling, where Kirby turns into a curling stone that creates an icy trail, and the Friend Bridge, which Kirby’s allies can create so players can cross large gaps.

You can check out both of the new trailers below. Kirby Star Allies will release exclusively on Nintendo Switch on March 16.

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