Kirby Star Allies Heads to the Nintendo Switch on March 16

Kirby Star Allies Heads to the Nintendo Switch on March 16

Kirby is back and bringing some new powers in Kirby Star Allies, which is heading to the Nintendo Switch this coming March.

Kirby has brought gamers plenty of adventures for the past few decades, and now in his upcoming new adventure Kirby Star Allies, players on the Nintendo Switch will see that Kirby has plenty of new tricks up his pink sleeves this spring.

During today’s Nintendo Direct Mini, Nintendo announced that Kirby Star Allies will be heading to the Nintendo Switch on March 16th, 2018, and will make for one of the Switch’s big new releases for the early part of the year this spring.

Specifically, the Direct showcased some new gameplay footage from Star Allies in addition to the release date, which includes the new Artist and Spider abilities, and also introduced new “Friend Abilities” that will integrate into the game’s co-op elements.

The Friend Abilities will allow Kirby and friends (ie, other players) to combine powers for unique attacks to fight off foes, which should introduce some interesting new elements for the abilities and powers that players have come to know and love from Kirby games for years.

Alongside the new Friend Abilities, Kirby will also be able to utilize a new item called the “Friend Heart” that can invite other players into a game, but also turn Kirby’s enemies into friends that can be added to his party and assist in his adventures, which gives a nice twist on the usual Kirby combat.

Kirby Star Allies will head to the Nintendo Switch on March 16th, 2018.