Kirby Star Allies Will No Longer Receive Content Updates

Kirby Star Allies Will No Longer Receive Content Updates

Kirby's solo adventure on Switch comes to an end as Kirby Star Allies developer HAL Laboratory doesn't plan on adding any new content.

It looks like the lovable pink puff’s latest adventure is over as Kirby Star Allies director Shinya Kumazaki announced that developer HAL Laboratory is ready to move on from the project.

While Kirby Star Allies seems to be a less talked about exclusive title amongst Nintendo Switch owners, it was still cool to see a conventional Kirby game on a Nintendo console in 2018. There’s no doubt Kumazaki-san and his team did the game right by continuously supporting Star Allies over the past couple of months since its launch.

Kirby Star Allies launched earlier this year on March 16. In terms of content, we saw a multitude of characters from past Kirby titles return as playable allies in-game. Additionally, the game received a challenge mode that added more replay value.

While I was initially craving a classic Kirby game, I think I’m also ready to see Nintendo adapt the series and do something entirely new with it. Shout out to Kirby Air Ride. After reviewing the game, I felt that it was just a bit too safe and ultimately was nothing more than a “good” entry in the series. I personally wasn’t compelled enough to go back and try any of the new content.