Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn Gets 15 New 3DS Screenshots

Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn Gets 15 New 3DS Screenshots

New screenshots for Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn have landed, and they look adorable.

 Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn is still set to arrive on 3DS systems this March, and below you’ll find 15 new screenshots of the title that were released yesterday. Sadly, there was no mention of the title during the Nintendo Direct last night, but we did get to see Yoshi’s Crafted World and learned that a free demo is now available for those that want to play as Yoshi on the Switch.

Back to Kirby though, in January 8 this year, Nintendo announced that new Yoshi and Kirby titles were going to be arriving in March. Yoshi’s Crafted World is set to be arriving on March 29, whereas Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn will also land that month, but on March 8. This was of course, already confirmed and was also teased last year in another Nintendo Direct.

Quite a way back in 2010, we reviewed Kirby’s Epic Yarn which was available for the Nintendo Wii at the time, and now it’s heading to the 3DS, keeping Nintendo’s handheld console breathing with new titles. Last year the console even got an update, so it’s nice to see the platform still being supported.

The new version of this title will come with new features, such as various new abilities for Kirby to make use of, and also allow players to take control of other characters being King Dedede or Meta Knight.

The new screenshots below show Kirby with a sword capable of cutting through anything apparently, bombs being used to blow things up or create new paths, and yarn balls being crafted. Although you’ll be able to create a bigger ball of yarn if you wrap an enemy up within it.

The screenshots also boast the colorful 2D world of Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn and we get a peek at some of the enemies we can expect to see. Fountain Gardens, Dedede Gogogo, Slash & Bead, Big Bean Vine, and Rainbow Falls are the levels teased in the below screenshots. From what it looks like, you’ll be able to run around trying to find treasures through the levels

Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn is due to launch on Nintendo 3DS on March 8.