Kiryu Coco Drags Out Yagoo for an Interview - Don't Miss Her Graduation Stream: JST to EST Time, Countdown

The day has come, Kiryu Coco is graduating from Hololive with a final live stream - don't miss it Reddit VTuber fans

By Iyane Agossah

July 1, 2021

Two days before her graduation stream, Kiryu Coco entered the legend once again by interviewing her boss, the president of Cover( Hololive’s parent company), also known as Yagoo.

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Kaichou x Shachou, Kiryu Coco interviews Yagoo

In the video, they most notably chatted about what Kiryu Coco was like when she was hired compared to now. Plus, Yagoo also shared how he decides during auditions whether to hire or not a new talent for VTubers. The interview is 30 minutes long and it’s really fun to watch, full of interesting behind the scenes stuff and lots more.

Moreover, this is also important as it shows Kiryu Coco will be leaving Hololive on good terms. This will serve to silence strange rumors. Kiryu Coco did not explain the reasons why she is graduating from Hololive.

Outfit Teaser: Teyvat Style – Beachside Ballad | Genshin Impact

Outfit Teaser: Teyvat Style – Beachside Ballad | Genshin Impact

Kiryu Coco graduation stream – Time from JST to EST, countdown

I honestly don’t believe anyone who actually plans to watch the live needs such a reminder. Moreover, I’m sure you can easily convert JST into your own time zone if you’re watching Japanese VTubers in the first place. But regardless, Kaichou’s graduation live is happening this July 1 at 20:00 JST. This corresponds to 7 AM EST. Click here for other time zones. And here’s the countdown to the stream.

Posting her final live announcement Tweet, Kiryu Coco shared some heartwarming words for her fans. I translated her message below.

Kiryu Coco shared on Twitter: “I’ll keep going with a smile till the very end! Please watch my graduation stream! With our happy memories together and your burning support! Kiryu Coco, 4th chairman of the Kiryu clan, will show you her greatest smile!!!!”.

This is definitely an historic moment in the history of VTubers, and there’s going to be a before and an after Kaichou graduating. Wishing her all the best, and hopefully she’ll be successful in her future endeavors. Be it with her second YouTube channel or anything else.

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