Kitten-Birthing GIF is Teased in Mew-Genics

Kitten-Birthing GIF is Teased in Mew-Genics

In the world of gaming you witness a variety of different things but this one (for now) takes the cake. Yesterday Team Meat (the team behind Super Meat Boy) released on its blog the “first ever in-game footage” of its upcoming title, Mew-Genics, which was a cat giving birth in GIF form. Luckily it was animated.

The GIF, available below, features a pregnant cat giving birth to her first litter while the father, Manchester, looks on. The father is described as a “horn dog and, since the mother (Dr. Butts) got pregnant after the 1st hump, there is a good chance he’s quite a potent lover at that.” The site also reveals that the kittens do “change a bit when they “evolve” or grow up.”

Not much else is revealed about the gif, aside from the kittens development will also be impacted by its personal stats, environment and personality.

Mew-Genics is currently being developed for PC, iOS and Android. A release date has not been announced.