Kizuna Ai To Be Payable and Playable in Neptunia Virtual Stars, New Gameplay (Updated)

Kizuna Ai was officially confirmed to be a playable character in Neptunia Virtual Stars, coming to PS4. Via paid DLC though.

Compile Heart revealed Kizuna Ai will indeed be making an appearance in Neptunia Virtual Stars as a guest VTuber. Not only that, unlike all the other VTubers in the game, she’ll actually be a playable character. However there’s a catch, she’ll be coming later after release, and as DLC. The DLC’s price wasn’t revealed yet, but it definitely won’t be free or else the announcement would have specified “free DLC”. That’s how Japanese promo works.

Simultaneously, another Virtual YouTuber, Towa Kiseki, was previously confirmed as playable via DLC as well. While I appreciate certain VTubers, I’m personally not fond of the VTuber boom itself that’s been ongoing since Kizuna Ai’s debut four years ago. Though I respect all the work the teams behind put out, especially one that probably named theirs after Falcom’s Kiseki series.

Lastly, Dengeki held its usual weekly Dengeki PS Live stream on July 16. New gameplay for Nep Virtual Stars was revealed.  The stream isn’t over yet so I cannot directly link a timestamp, but it’s around 25 minutes in. Update: Gameplay sequence is linked at the 20:00 timestamp below.

The stream also included new details for Hajimari no Kiseki. I’ll be covering more of that soon if time permits.

Kizuna Ai in Neptunia Virtual Stars was first teased with a tweet. Read more about her here.

Neptunia Virtual Stars is an action game, known as VVVtune in Japan, and was supposed to launch there on PS4 on July 2. However, VVVtune was  delayed to August 6, 2020. The game is coming west in 2021 on PS4. The game will feature over 60 guest Vtubers who aren’t playable but will assist Nepnep and co. It’ll also feature music by Kagerou project’s Jin. You can read more with our past coverage.

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