Neptunia Virtual Stars Either Teases Kizuna Ai Guest Appearance Or is Trolling Everyone

Compile Heart teased Kizuna Ai will show up in Neptunia Virtual Stars, the new Nep game launching on PS4 August 6 in Japan.

Kizuna Ai might make an appearance in VVVTune. The official Compile Heart Twitter account published a teaser on July 14 stating that the last VTuber who appears as a guest in Neptunia Virtual Stars will be revealed in the next few days.

The hairstyle and ribbon shown as a silhouette immediately points out to Virtual Youtuber Kizuna Ai, who is incredibly popular not only in Japan but in multiple parts of the world, with a Chinese speaking version most notably.

Then again, one possibility would be that this turns out to be a completely different VTuber, with Compile Heart trolling everyone. There are so many VTubers at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s another one with this ribbon.

Kizuna Ai is also the most popular VTuber and the one who started the trend four years ago, though similar concepts already existed for years long before most notably on Niconico.

Neptunia Virtual Stars gameplay

Neptunia Virtual Stars is an action game, known as VVVtune in Japan, and was supposed to launch there on PS4 on July 2. However, VVVtune was  delayed to August 6, 2020. The game is coming west in 2021 on PS4. The game will feature over 60 guest Vtubers who aren’t playable but will assist Nepnep and co. It’ll also feature music by Kagerou project’s Jin. You can read more with our past coverage.

Kizuna Ai was officially revealed in April 2020 to be voiced by Nozomi Kasuga. Kizuna Ai got her own company back then, Kizuna Ai Co., Ltd., following the report of huge debt suffered by original managing company Activ8.

Personally, while I like some VTubers and in particular respect all the work the teams behind each one of them outputs, I’m not fond of the fact it became such a huge trend. Specifically because it’s a huge amount of work and game developers for example can end up focusing on Vtuber content on top of crunching for their games. Most of the seiyuu who voice Vtubers are never publicly credited either, which could lead to many issues in the long run such as exploitative work conditions.

I’m also someone who loves reading rather than spending hours watching videos, so I can’t say it’s always pleasant to see more and more Japanese companies using Vtubers-like content to promote themselves and share announcements. There are good, succinct example though. Such as what Atlus did with Morgana for the promotion of Persona 5 Royal and later on Persona 5 Scramble in Japan. I do like certain Vtubers too. Most notably Kaguya Luna, who was designed by Sakura Wars‘ Mika Pikazo. Deep Web Underground can be interesting at times as well.

Last but not least Unneeded Opinion, I would personally never touch a Nep game in my life, though I enjoy covering them when time permits, so we’ll be sure to tell you if Kizuna Ai does show up in Neptunia Virtual Stars.

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