PS4 Exclusive Knack II Gets Hilarious Cinematic TV Commercial

PS4 Exclusive Knack II Gets Hilarious Cinematic TV Commercial

Knack II shows the other side of the battle with an hilarious cinematic video designed for TV broadcasting.

Today Sony Interactive Entertainment released a cinematic TV commercial of its upcoming action-platformer Knack II.

Hilariously, the commercial is shown from the point of view of Knack’s enemies, as they’re roused up for battle… not very effectively, it appears.


On top of the lovely CGI cutscene, towards the end there is also a little bit of room for a couple glimpse on gameplay. They’ren brief, but there is only so much you can do in a TV commercial format.

You can check out the funny video below, and if you want to see more, you can enjoy some lovely screenshotsrecent co-op gameplay footageanother clip, a batch of 4K screenshots captured on a PS4 Pro, and the trailer released at E3.

Knack II will launch in North America on September 5th and in Europe on September 6th, exclusively for PS4. There are only a few days left, and it’ll be certainly interesting to see if the game will surpass its predecessor.