PS4 Exclusive Knack II Gets Japanese Box Art, Images Showing Characters and PS4 Theme

PS4 Exclusive Knack II Gets Japanese Box Art, Images Showing Characters and PS4 Theme

Sony Interactive Entertainment showcases the cast, Japanese box art and PS4 theme of the upcoming Knack II.

Today Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan and Asia released a batch of images of Knack II.

Interestingly, the game actually won’t be named Knack II in Japan. The title will be Knack: The Two Heroes and the Ancient Army. The box art will also be different, focusing more on the game’s characters.

We also get more images showcasing the PS4 theme that will be provided for free to those who will pre-order on the PlayStation Network, and the game’s cast.

This include Knack himself and more.

Lucas is the professor’s assistant. At times he fights with the doctor, but he considers him like family. He goes on an adventure to discover the secrets of the ancient army together with Knack.

Eva is the leader of a monastery. She is always training to provide an example to the other monks. Since the monks are specialized in ancient weapons and monsters, they’re also investigating the ancient army, and that’s how she meets Lucas, deciding to cooperate.

Rider is an adventurer constantly traveling the world with Lucas’ uncle. Having taken part in adventures all over the world, he has a trained body and the ability to calmly assess every situation. Even with no map, there is no way he’d get lost.

You can see all the pictures below, and if you want to see more, you can enjoy a trailer from E3, and an extensive batch of gameplay.

The game will release exclusively for PS4 in the west on September 5th, while Japanese gamers will have to wait until September 28th. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how it does in Japan, since the first Knack remains one of PS4’s best selling games, due to having been bundled with the console at launch, to apologize for the late release.