PS4 Exclusive Knack II Gets New Screenshots Showing Skill Tree, Ice and Iron Powers

PS4 Exclusive Knack II Gets New Screenshots Showing Skill Tree, Ice and Iron Powers

Knack II shows Knack's powers and the skill tree he can use to unlock new abilities and power himself up.

Today, Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan released a batch of new screenshots of the upcoming Knack Sequel, Knack II.

We get to see the progression grid that the player can use to upgrade Knack. By collecting relic energy from defeated enemies, you can use the skill tree to unlock new techniques and upgrade Knack’s abilities.

Two of those techniques we see are Somersault Kick and Run Through (keep in mind that this is a translation of a Japanese press release, so the final localization in the west may differ). The former lets you attack the enemy and propel him into the air, opening for a potential combo. The second lets knack slip past enemies, that would normally block him.

When two players are playing together, collaborative techniques that can’t be done when playing alone are also available. Relic Splash lets one player attack with explosive relic parts, while the others executes an aerial attack. The second is activated by punching multiple times your partner, his fragments will be propelled towards the enemy causing ranged damage. Drop Kick is executed by using a heavy punch against your partner, hurling him towards the enemy as a giant Knack projectile.

Knack can also adapt to the environment, making special attacks available. In the Ice Cave he can take in the cold energy and become “Ice Knack.” The first unique special attack unlocked is Ice Breath, that lets you freeze in place both enemies and traps. Ice Slash lets Knack grow ice claws that slash through enemies and cause a mid-range shockwave.

In the Old Mine level, Knack can turn into Iron Knack, also acquiring special attacks unique to that level. Iron Whip is a powerful mid-range attack that causes continuous damage in front of Knack. Iron line lets you literally draw lines in the ground with Knack’s iron parts. They let you carry electricity to remote switches.

You can check out all the screenshots below, and if you want to see more, you can enjoy some recent co-op gameplay footage, another clip, a batch of 4K screenshots captured on a PS4 Pro, and the trailer released at E3.

Knack II will launch in North America on September 5th and in Europe on September 6th, exclusively for PS4.