Knack 2 Receives Nearly 20 Minutes of New Co-Op Gameplay

Knack 2 Receives Nearly 20 Minutes of New Co-Op Gameplay

PlayStation Underground highlights Knack 2 in a new video showing off a plethora of abilities and attacks available in co-op mode.

Today, Sony Interactive Entertainment released close to twenty minutes of new gameplay footage for the upcoming action-platformer Knack 2.

This new video specifically highlights the co-op gameplay that Knack 2 features. While co-op was present in the original Knack back when it released as a PlayStation 4 launch title in 2013, Knack 2’s campaign mode has now been much more tailored to accommodate a second player. As you can see by watching this new video, there are a variety of abilities and attacks that you can utilize when playing along side someone else.

As for Knack 2’s storythe narrative picks up almost a year after the first game where we find that Knack’s hometown has been destroyed. As the goblin enemies from the original Knack return, Knack must team up with his friends to once again defeat the pesky villains. The story is once again being written by Mark Cerny who is also serving as the director of Knack 2.

The last time we saw gameplay footage of Knack 2 was during E3 2017. Here we saw even more of the game’s co-op which has clearly been a a big selling point for the game from Sony. Rest assured that if you are looking to play Knack 2 by yourself, you’ll be able to enjoy the campaign in its entirety while still having the same amount of enjoyment. Co-op is by no means a requirement.

If you want to check out the new Knack 2 footage for yourself, you can find it at the bottom of the page. Knack 2 is nearly upon us and will release in a just a couple days on September 5 in North America, exclusively for PS4.