Multiplayer Platform Fighter Knight Club Will Now be Free To Play; Shovel Knight Will Not be Playable

Knight Club will be free to play starting August 30th and Shovel Knight will not be playable, so fans can stop asking for him.

on August 19, 2018 4:59 PM

The multiplayer platform fighter Knight Club developed by Gutter Arcade will be free to play starting on August 30th. This was previously exclusive to Humble Trove, a monthly subscription service that allows you to play a collection of games each month, but now will be open to anyone.

To get the free version of Knight Club you will need to sign up for Gutter Arcade’s mailing list. To play with friends, each player will need to subscribe to the mailing list.

On top of the free to play announcement, the developers have also created an official not announcement trailer for Shovel Knight. Yes, you read that correctly. Apparently, fans have been asking when the popular indie character will be making his appearance so much that the developers went ahead and made a trailer to explain that he will not be appearing in the game. You can find the trailer (or whatever you would like to call this announcement video) below.

Make sure to check out DualShockers for some coverage of games that do feature Shovel Knight. Knight Club will be available to download for free on PC starting August 30th.

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