Knights of the Sky Now in Open Beta

on February 9, 2012 3:30 PM

Knights of the Sky is the newest real-time strategy game from Atlus Online, which also happens to be their first browser-based game as well. It just switched over to open beta status today, so if you’ve ever dreamed of being a Sky Castle Lord (not to be confused with Skyrim nor Skyloft), registration is now open.

Knights of the Sky includes such features as real-time resource management, wars to fight, and a fantastic plot line that Atlus promises will engage casual and hardcore gamers alike.  Clean up after tyrants, become a lord, and join a faction. You determine whether history repeats itself in this story.

In terms of gameplay, Knights of the Sky currently boasts hero units which lead up to six character classes in battle, weapons and items to collect, and the ability to protect your allies while you’re offline, as well as planning construction projects. Those returning from the closed beta will be pleased to note that the level cap has been increased as well.

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