Knockout City - What are the Different Types of Ball?

By Sam Woods

May 21, 2021

The arena shooter isn’t a particularly new genre, in fact, it’s one that’s been tweaked and almost perfected over the years.

There’s very little in the formula that hasn’t been done before, however, Velan Studios has decided it wants to change that with Knockout City.

While the premise is similar to arena shooters, players are armed with dodgeballs instead of weapons, making for a very chaotic and fun-filled time.

As stated, Knockout City has different ball types that replace weapons for players to use, so here is every ball that you’ll run into in the game.

This Is Knockout City: Official Gameplay Trailer

This Is Knockout City: Official Gameplay Trailer

How Many Different Types of Ball are in Knockout City?

Currently, there are six different types of ball within Knockout City, however, the developers Velan Studios have made it abundantly clear they’re going to be adding to and evolving the game.

This means that the final number of balls is likely to be far, far higher as the game and seasons progress.

What are they?

The first type of ball that you’re going to run into is the Standard Dodgeball. Players will find this littered around the map and will be the most common one they play with.

Following that, the game rotates five “special” balls in each match.

They are as follows:

  • Moon Ball – This allows the player to jump extra high whilst holding it and also sends other players flying back on impact.
  • Bomb Ball – Fairly self explanatory. The Bomb Ball is an explosive ball, similar to a sticky bomb that will stick to a wall when thrown and then explode.
  • Cage Ball – The Cage Ball traps any player that it hits inside a ball shaped cage. This means you can throw it at enemies to cause damage, or straight off the edge to KO.
  • Sniper Ball – Again, this ball does exactly what it says on the tin. The Sniper Ball can pick out a target with astonishing force from some distance.
  • Multi Ball – Velen Studios have been very kind with their naming conventions. The Multi Ball acts as three balls. Once you throw one, you’ll have another in your hand, throw that, and you’ll have one more.

While I say there are six different ball types, technically there is a seventh ball – your teammates.

Knockout City allows you to ball up and be used as a weapon, should you be struggling to find any balls nearby!

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