Knockout City - How to Create a Crew, Invite Friends and Accept Invites

Competitive multiplayer games are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s video game landscape.

Staples, like Call of Duty and Fortnite, have maintained their place atop the multiplayer scene, however, more and more unique titles are entering the market.

The likes of Fall Guys and Among Us are two fantastic examples of this, both setting the world on fire for prolonged periods last year and now, another title looks set to crack the ranks as online dodgebrawl title, Knockout City, has released worldwide.

The game puts an emphasis on fast, competitive combat but also encourages you to team up with friends – so here’s how to create a crew in Knockout City.

Knockout City – Official Reveal Trailer | PS5, PS4

Knockout City – Official Reveal Trailer | PS5, PS4

Why Should you Create a Crew in Knockout City?

Crews make it incredibly easy to play and hang out with friends.

Each crew can contain a maximum of 32 players and will help with finding games together, practising and hanging out. There is also a range of crew specific challenges to complete.

Players can customise their crews including logos, emblems, hovercars and more!

Knockout City: How to Create a Crew, Invite Friends and Accept Invites.

When playing, we found the menu system a little difficult on Knockout City, so we’ve broken down the crew system to make it a little easier

How to Create a Crew:

  • Step One: Select “Join a Crew”
  • Step Two: Select “Create a Crew”
  • Step Three: Customise! You can change your crew’s name by selecting “Customise Crew” and then “Crew Name”

How to Invite Friends to Crew

  • Step One: Ensure all friends are added (Search them by KO City ID under the friends tab).
  • Step Two: Select the “Crewmates” option
  • Step Three: Choose the friends tab, select your friend, then click “Invite to Crew”

How to Accept an Invite

  • Step One: Click the Social Tab in the top right corner of the screen (where you see the three muted mics in the below image)
  • Step Two: Select Invites
  • Step Three: Accept Invite – be aware, it can look like you’ve accepted and invite before the process is complete.

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